26 September 2011

And Life Keeps Cruising Along!

Things seemed to go from busy to busier and busier this Summer, and many things (like writing in my blog) fell off the list as I tried to pack in as much as possible during my Summer break. The biggest shift was moving to a new house. I spent much of June packing up our things at our old house, and riding my bike over to the new place several times a week to get a garden planted. I then most of July unpacking and settling in to our new place.
This year ended up being a fantastically productive year for the local fruit trees, so I was canning like crazy to take advantage of the Summer's bounty, and have a pantry full of delicious jams and jellies to show for all my work.
I still managed to make some lovely jewelry pieces in my new studio, but didn't spend as much time working as I normally do.
School started in August, and my class load has kept me hopping! I am taking 16 credits, with two studio classes, so any free time I get goes to studying or working on class projects. Even though I am not making much jewelry, I am reveling in creating in my painting and ceramics classes! I have painted on and off for years, so this is an on time for me, and I have wanted to learn to make pottery since I was a little girl, and I LOVE it!
My next break from classes won't be until Thanksgiving, so I don't know how often I will post here, but I will try to share the fun things I am making with you, even if it is just a few words and some pictures. Hope you all are well and enjoying this life! all the best, ~Pippi

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BrassyBeads said...

The grey pot is amazing!! Also, I really like the hoop earrings with what looks like ruby set in the front. Thye looks like so much fun to wear!