06 June 2011

Swimming Along - A Dolphin's Tale

I spent about a week working on my latest piece. The design was inspired by a comment someone left on a picture I posted about my recent bird necklaces. I made the first bird using yellow tourmalines and orange fire opals to match the colors of the western tanagers that migrate through my area each Spring.

The second bird I made I colored after the western bluebird, a favorite of mine! I liked this one so much that I decided to keep it for myself.

This was the one that reminded someone of a dolphin, and I thought with a little tweaking I could make one. I did some sketches, but didn't actually start making it until the day the reporter from The Bannock Alternative paper came to my house to interview me for a feature in this month's issue.

I spent the next several days wrapping gemstones onto the sterling frame to color the dolphin.

I used tiny faceted iolite and aquamarine beads, along with some of the tiny faceted Thai silver beads from my stash, and a flashing blue labradorite briolette for the dolphin's nose.

The gemstone beads are only about 2mm in size, so it took quite a few beads, and numerous feet of hair-thin fine silver wire to fill the frame.

Then I constructed a gemstone chain for it to hang from. I used larger faceted aquamarines, with iolite, keishi pearls and labratorites for flourishes on the chain, and added a length of cable chain on the end so the length would be adjustable.

This necklace is one of the pieces I am making for the upcoming Ketchum Arts Festival. I will not be adding any new pieces to my Etsy shop until after the festival which runs July 8-10, however, you can take advantage of the Moving Sale going on in my shop the whole month of June, as I prepare to move to a new place. It is an especially exciting move as I will finally have a studio of my own! I will begin teaching classes in my new studio starting mid-July. I will post pictures and a class schedule in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

And now back to packing. See you all again soon!
all the best,


vivilima said...

Hola Pippi!
The dolphin is beautiful! I don't know if one day I would be able to do such a piece of art.
What gauge did you use?
I'm in love with the dolphin necklace! Who wouldn't?


pippijewelry said...

I used 21 g. for the frame itself, 28 g. to wrap the frame, and 30 g. for attaching the tiny gemstone beads.

Thank you for the compliment! :D

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Jewelry Products said...

Wow!!!necklace was so beautiful.I love seeing your gorgeous piece.

Thank you for sharing.