06 March 2011

YOJ11 Week 9 - A ring and a flowery earring design...

This week I finished a ring and started another one in my metals class, came up with two new earring designs, and made one of the designs already.

I am still perfecting my bezels in my metals class, so I have been making rings. This week's ring features a beautiful and unusual Australian boulder opal. I bought a number of boulder opal cabochons a few years ago, but have only used a few of them so far. This one is one of my favorites! The sparkling vein of opal looks like an aerial view of a river. I wanted the setting to accentuate but not overpower the stone. I sketched out several possibilities before settling on this design.

I melted bits of fine silver wire from my scrap container to make the balls on either side of the bezel, and I used a letter "v" stamp inverted to make the design around the edge. The band was cut from 18 gauge sterling sheet, and hammered for texture. I have not oxidized it yet, and am not sure if I will, or if I let it patina naturally. We shall see.

My other project this week started as the flash of an idea, which I sketched into my jewelry journal. I had an idea for a pair of hoops and a new paisley design, and a yummy new string of tourmalines with quite a few in gorgeous shades of dark blue, so I jumped in and started making the hoops. I tipped each spiraled petal with a blue tourmaline, with a green one between each petal.

The blue hoops turned out beautifully, and I loved the design even more in real life. I decided to try one with pink tourmalines instead of the blue, and took advantage of my work (and the perfect light for photography), by snapping pictures of the whole process while making them, so I can write a tutorial for the design.

I am just starting Week 10 today, so I will share the second pair of the lotus earrings and more in my next post.

Glad you stopped by! Thanks!


Swati said...

Gorgeous ring! And a gorgeous stone! Pippi what course are you doing? It has so many interesting things you are learning. How fun life must be!

pippijewelry said...

Thanks, Swati!
This semester I am taking intermediate metals, intermediate weaving, intro to sculpture, English Lit. and a Pilates class. I love the metals class, and plan on taking as many semesters of it as I can while I am in school. The weaving class is great, too, and I hope to have my own floor loom before this summer, so I can continue weaving after I am done with my program. Still so much to see and learn and do! Life is so much fun! :D

Anonymous said...

Great job Pippi! You got skills!!! Wonderful ring design to perfectly compliment the stone.

~ Kathleen Krucoff