21 February 2011

A Ring For My Mom

When I last posted, I had just finished my fairy necklace, and had purchased custom cabochons from Donna Millard, one of my favorite glass artists, to make some new rings.

I made jewelry as gifts for my sisters at Christmas, but didn't know what to make for my mom, who doesn't wear much jewelry. I called her over the holidays and explained that I didn't know what to make for her, and she surprised me by saying that she loved the recent millifiori rings I had made, and would love to have me make a ring for her. Knowing this, when I had Donna make my cabochons, I had her use a particular murini of hers for some of the cabs. The murini is called water lily, and I chose it because of one of my favorite childhood memories.

My mother is a fantastic gardener, and she had several waterlily plants that she put out in the pond in the yard every year. when I was a child, I loved to look for the new buds popping up between the pads of round leaves on Summer mornings. I would run to my mom when I found one (or sometimes two or three) to tell her the news. Waterlilies always make me think of her, so I knew I would make her a waterlily ring.

I used a decorative gallery wire to set the cabochon, and stamped a design around the underside of the bezel platform. I stamped the hammered band with my initials, and backed the cabochon with blue mulberry paper to give the clear ground of the cabochon a watery color.

I just mailed the ring off to my mom on Friday, and didn't tell her it was coming, so it will be a surprise. I know she will love it!


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