27 February 2011

The Posie Ring - A Wee Bit 'O Scotland

After my rounding success with my mom's ring, I decided to go back to a ring I started last year, with which I fought and fought the bezel. I liked how the gallery wire set off the cabochon on the waterlily ring, and thought it would suit the pottery shard I was setting in this ring, too. I cut and soldered the wire for the bezel, and soldered it onto the ring. This time, it went so smoothly I could hardly believe it!

I bought this and several other sea pottery shards from an Etsy seller in Fife, Scotland, who rescues them from the strand, and sends them off to new homes. This pink flowered one was one of my favorites. I love that I am able to incorporate little bits of history into my pieces. This lovely little piece reminded me of the Robert Burns poem, The Posie.

This ring was plucked up quickly by a gentleman for 'his ain dear May', but I have more in the works. You will be seeing them here soon!


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