28 February 2011

Alphabet Pie

"The present is always improved with pie. The sweet breath of pie." ~Brad Severtson

I love making pie in the Winter! The heat from the oven warms the house, while the delicious smell wafts through every room. The only thing better is eating it when it is done. I make my own crust using a simple recipe, and I double it to make a top crust.

Over the years, my crusts have become more and more decorative. I started using my cookie cutters to make different designs for the tops of my pies.

I have collected quite a few cutter shapes over the years, and I was delighted to receive some from my sister in New York. She sent me a set of fancy leaf cutters and an alpha-numeric set! So now, in addition to pictures, my pies can have messages, too. It is great fun! It is like a hug from my sister every time I use them. :D

Pie is love!


BrassyBeads said...

The one with the swans and flowers really made my heart sing!

pippijewelry said...

Thanks! That one was sweet dark cherries, too. The ultimate love pie! :D