28 February 2011

Alphabet Pie

"The present is always improved with pie. The sweet breath of pie." ~Brad Severtson

I love making pie in the Winter! The heat from the oven warms the house, while the delicious smell wafts through every room. The only thing better is eating it when it is done. I make my own crust using a simple recipe, and I double it to make a top crust.

Over the years, my crusts have become more and more decorative. I started using my cookie cutters to make different designs for the tops of my pies.

I have collected quite a few cutter shapes over the years, and I was delighted to receive some from my sister in New York. She sent me a set of fancy leaf cutters and an alpha-numeric set! So now, in addition to pictures, my pies can have messages, too. It is great fun! It is like a hug from my sister every time I use them. :D

Pie is love!

27 February 2011

Netted Bezel Earrings Series

I was playing with my beads last week, and decided to try an idea I have been thinking about for a while. I still had a few of the beads from a gorgeous strand of undyed azurite ovals I bought at The Bead Shop in Hailey, Idaho when I was living there. I used a number of those beads to make into rings with netted bezels, and thought that netted bezel earrings would be a nice design, too.

The first pair I made I used the azurite beads and wrapped a fringe of sky blue kyanite briolettes along the bottom of each earring. They were gorgeous, and I couldn't give them up, so I decided to make a few more variations of the design (to justify to myself my keeping the first pair).

For pair number two, I used some azurite beads in the bezel, but this time, I wrapped shaded pink tourmaline briolettes along the bottoms, and tiny rose quartz beads around the edge of the bezel.

Pair number three was made with a luscious pair of pale green jade ovals, garnished with peridot. They made me think of key lime pie, and frosty summer drinks.

For the fourth pair, I set large faceted nuggets of deep purple amethyst in the netted silver bezels, then hung drops of shimmering moonstone briolettes which flashed the most beautiful blue!

After all of these, I still wanted to play more with this design, but I was using up my stash of briolettes. I chose to make the last pair a little smaller, and so I set denim blue squares of kyanite on point in the netted bezels, and hung a single moonstone briolette from the bottoms.

I am sure I will come back to this design again!
Thanks for stopping in!

The Posie Ring - A Wee Bit 'O Scotland

After my rounding success with my mom's ring, I decided to go back to a ring I started last year, with which I fought and fought the bezel. I liked how the gallery wire set off the cabochon on the waterlily ring, and thought it would suit the pottery shard I was setting in this ring, too. I cut and soldered the wire for the bezel, and soldered it onto the ring. This time, it went so smoothly I could hardly believe it!

I bought this and several other sea pottery shards from an Etsy seller in Fife, Scotland, who rescues them from the strand, and sends them off to new homes. This pink flowered one was one of my favorites. I love that I am able to incorporate little bits of history into my pieces. This lovely little piece reminded me of the Robert Burns poem, The Posie.

This ring was plucked up quickly by a gentleman for 'his ain dear May', but I have more in the works. You will be seeing them here soon!


21 February 2011

A Ring For My Mom

When I last posted, I had just finished my fairy necklace, and had purchased custom cabochons from Donna Millard, one of my favorite glass artists, to make some new rings.

I made jewelry as gifts for my sisters at Christmas, but didn't know what to make for my mom, who doesn't wear much jewelry. I called her over the holidays and explained that I didn't know what to make for her, and she surprised me by saying that she loved the recent millifiori rings I had made, and would love to have me make a ring for her. Knowing this, when I had Donna make my cabochons, I had her use a particular murini of hers for some of the cabs. The murini is called water lily, and I chose it because of one of my favorite childhood memories.

My mother is a fantastic gardener, and she had several waterlily plants that she put out in the pond in the yard every year. when I was a child, I loved to look for the new buds popping up between the pads of round leaves on Summer mornings. I would run to my mom when I found one (or sometimes two or three) to tell her the news. Waterlilies always make me think of her, so I knew I would make her a waterlily ring.

I used a decorative gallery wire to set the cabochon, and stamped a design around the underside of the bezel platform. I stamped the hammered band with my initials, and backed the cabochon with blue mulberry paper to give the clear ground of the cabochon a watery color.

I just mailed the ring off to my mom on Friday, and didn't tell her it was coming, so it will be a surprise. I know she will love it!