30 January 2011

Copper Fairy Pendant Necklace

I am taking intermediate metals this semester, and we have several projects to make for the class. Our first project is a raised copper bowl. There are quite a few people in the class, and 5-10 people all hammering in the smithing room at the same time is very loud, so I decided to work on the second project (a bezel setting) during class and go into the studio outside of class time to work on my bowl. I taught myself how to do bezel setting last semester, but more practice is always good. I decided to go with the weekly theme for the Year Of Jewelry Project 2011 for Week 3 (the week I was in when I started my pendant), which was Mixed Media. As I was going through my boxes, looking for things to incorporate into my piece, I found an old, etched glass fairy stone I bought years ago at the Eugene Saturday Market. I used to take my daughters to the market when they were little, and they loved to buy these glass stones (and of course, I had to buy one for myself!).

I used copper for the setting, to set off the purply tones in the glass. I hand stamped the design on the metal frame, using different shaped stamps. Each mark was made one at a time. I also stamped the word "believe" in the bezel. (I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!)

After I finished setting the stone, I decided to make an eclectic chain using a mixture of colorful beads I have collected over the years. The beads include: faceted amethyst nuggets, turquoise, fluorite, amazonite, azruite, a carved agate barrel bead, lampwork beads by Donna Millard and Tanner Studios, AB Swarovski, faceted clear quartz, labradorite, green quartz with pyrite inclusions, a bone skull bead, an antique Tibetan coin, and vintage cobalt blue glass beads. The chain is 25 inches in length, so I can put it on over my head, and the pendant hangs in the middle of my chest (so I can easily admire it while I wear it).

My next bezel project will be a ring for my mom using a custom cab by Donna Millard set in fancy gallery wire, and a small, tube-set sapphire. Of course, I will post pictures when it is done.

all the best!


Swati said...

Oh wow!! How pretty is this!!

Jwm29 said...

Nicely done, pippi!

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