30 November 2010

Weaving Like A Mad Woman

All semester I have been super busy with homework for my art classes, so you would think that having finished up my one weaving project due right after the Thanksgiving break, I would just relax and enjoy the time off. Instead, I thought, "I could use this time to make two rag rugs on my loom before I start my final project for weaving class!" (My friends say I am an over-achiever, but I just want to try to make as many of the ideas I have in my head as I can while I am alive.) Of course, I had to take into account the blizzard on Tuesday, and being out of town from Wednesday through Friday. "I can still do this", I thought.

On Sunday night I finished up the last bit of my tapestry, and sat down with a scrap of paper to figure out the warp for two 30" x 48" rugs. I wanted to use the same warp for both, but different weft materials to see how the difference in fabric patterns affected the striped warp. Also, it takes a while to dress the loom, so I got two pieces for one warping job.

I went in to work on my project on Monday, and got all of the warp measured and tied on to the front of the loom, and the warps threaded through the reed and about half of it threaded through the heddles before I got hungry and went home to eat. I thought I would be able to go back in on Tuesday, but ended up staying home and watching the blizzard through my front window.

We packed up our skis on Wednesday and drove up to Sun Valley to visit our daughter for Thanksgiving (and to ski). We drove back on Friday afternoon, and I spent several hours on Saturday working on the loom. I left that day with the loom completely warped, and the twining done, so when I went in on Sunday, I spent the while day just weaving away! I took the two finished rugs off the loom by 9:45pm, and headed home satisfied with my work.

After all that rush, I went in to class on Monday morning to discover that the teacher was stuck in Salt Lake City and class was canceled, so I spent that class time tying the fringe on my rugs. I just have a bit more to do on the second one to finish it tonight, and then I will plan the plaid pattern for the scarf I will make for my final weaving project.

Stay tuned for my latest jewelry adventures coming up later this week. (I should have my newest ring done by then.)



SpiralsandSpice said...

Love getting to see all your talents!

Swati said...

Oh boy!! You're really living a very creative life!