21 November 2010

Coming Up For Air

This semester has been super busy, and I have only been able to look as far ahead as the next assignment due. I didn't even realize that we had the whole of Thanksgiving week off until a few days ago, when I looked ahead to see what was due next. What a welcome surprise! I thought we only had a 4-day weekend like when I was working at a regular job. Of course, I still have school projects to finish up, but I have been enjoying waking up without the alarm.

So what have I been up to all this time? Well, let's see. I had another portfolio critique for drawing class. We did some really fun drawings for this last portfolio, and I was pleased with how they all came out.

I finished my rug in weaving class and started on a tapestry piece, which is due the Monday after the break, so I will be going in to the weaving studio a couple of more times over the break to finish that up.

Our final project in Creative Process class will be a book, and I have been brainstorming ideas for that.

I saved my favorite for last - metals and jewelry class. Our second project in that class was to make a ring. I made several practice bands, and played with stamping and different textures before making my final ring to submit. I will save the details for a separate post. :)

More soon! I just have to organize my photos for the next post. :)

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