08 September 2010

Summer has come and gone...

...and I didn't write a thing in my blog! The first weeks of Summer I had some excuse. I took 12 credits of Summer classes, and all I had time for during those six weeks was homework and sleep (with a meal or two thrown in for good measure). I guess the overload of writing and thinking made me not want to even think about writing for the rest of the time. So now that I have settled into the first couple of weeks of my Fall classes, I thought I should tend to my poor neglected blog.

I will have to look through my jewelry journal to see what you all missed while I was slacking. Luckily, I date my journal entries, and take pictures of pieces as I make them, so I should be able to catch you all up on my doings.

Hope you all had a great Summer! See you again very soon!

1 comment:

Swati said...

Wow...what a beautiful picture. I love Sunflowers. Will you be painting this?