21 September 2010

Portfolio Time

I can hardly believe how quickly the semester is going at school! Our first portfolio for drawing class is due on Thursday. I spent several hours over the past couple of days getting my drawings together, and I took my camera to the studio with me last night, and took pictures of most of the pictures I will be submitting. Drawing 2 is a lot more fun than Drawing 1, as the teacher gives more choice in our drawings, and also free choice in what medium we use for many of the drawings, so I have been playing with pastels and graphite, in addition to the usual charcoal.

The apple drawings were drawn from the same apple. The first drawing was a homework assignment to draw an apple from life. The next class, we took the same apple and changed its form somehow (I cut mine into flowers), and drew it again.

We did several drawings working with cross contour and negative space, and the final drawing (which I don't have a picture of yet, as I am still working on it) combines both techniques.

I am going to have to buy more fixative for my drawings after doing this lot. :)
And now, back to work on my brooch design for metals class. See you later!


Swati said...

OMG these are GORGEOUS!!! I have also just recently started my painting classes. I don't go to a college for it...there is this person who teaches in her house. I'll go through your blog to see if you have more drawings and paintings posted. How come I never saw them on FB? Did you not post them there?

pippijewelry said...

Thanks, Swati!
I didn't post these pictures on FB, because I have not had as much time to be online with my class schedule. I figured I would post them here, then just post the link on FB instead - less work. I have been following your FB comments about your painting class. It sounds really fun! I am looking forward to seeing your works, too. :D