26 September 2010

Canning Nature's Bounty

I love it when Fall rolls around, and the trees spill over with fruit. When I lived in Hailey, We had several fruit trees in our yard, plus apricots and plums from the neighbors, so I had plenty of free fruit, but this is my first harvest season in Pocatello, and we have a teeny tiny yard. The only tree on the whole property is a crabapple tree by the curb. It was filled with such lovely red apples that I had to make something with them! I had read that crabapple jelly was easy to make, so I picked a bunch and tried it out. True to what I'd read, it was super easy to make, and was the most beautiful shade of pink! I knew my daughter, Grace, would absolutely love it, so when she decided to come to visit for the weekend,I knew we would make some.

As Grace and I were picking the crabapples yesterday morning, we laughed and talked. She mentioned how the crabapples reminded her of rosehips. Then later that afternoon, we drove to the spring to fill our water jugs, and growing right next to the spring was a clump of wild rose bushes covered with ripe hips! We were on a bit of a schedule, so we only picked a few cups, but we decided to go back today to pick more. This time, we took bags with us and picked a couple of quarts or so to make jelly with. I had never made rosehip jelly before either, but I have been canning long enough to know what to look for in a recipe. I found this rosehip jelly recipe, and modified it to suit my needs.

Grace and I planned to make a bunch of smaller jars of the rosehip jelly to give as holiday gifts. Both of the jellies have such unique, beautiful colors! The jars look like glowing jewels!

So far this year, I have done pretty well with gleaning fruit from trees in this neighborhood, even though living in a new town. I am hoping to find some apples in the next few weeks to can up quarts of apple pie filling for the winter. I love canning, and had fun teaching my daughter this wonderful way to save the bounty of nature.

Happy Autumn!


jamie said...

Such a delight! Thanks for posting a link to the jelly! :) Love, Jamiep

jamie said...

So great to see you two and looking so happy! Thanks for posting the link to the jelly! Love, Jamie

BrassyBeads said...

You two are so beautiful! You both have a lovely inner glow!

Anonymous said...

Hey, the tapestry turned out nice! Missed getting to finish my final project with you!

Love the seahorses, how much are you selling them for?


pippijewelry said...

Hi Demarice!
We missed having you in class, too. Hope you are doing better. Monna, Jessica and I are all in the intermediate weaving class this semester. Pop in the class some day if you are in town. :D