26 June 2010

More Variations On A Theme

My favorite way to explore a design that I like is to make a series of variations on that design. I usually become single-minded (read obsessed) when I do this, and will crank out 3 or 4 variations in a matter of days. One design that I played with a while back was a tribal-style hoop with rolo chain wrapped onto the bottom and gemstones wrapped onto the other side of the chain. I did several of these hoops in silver, and had been wanting to try the design again for a while.

When my husband and I went to Oregon last month, I took advantage of being in there and went to my favorite bead store: Harlequin Beads.I had some 14K gold-filled wire at home that I wanted to use, so I bought some gold rolo chain with the idea of returning to this design for more exploration.

The first set of the hoops I made were paired with faceted green onyx beads. It was my first choice of stones to use because of their rich green color, which looked fantastic against the gold wire. I also wrapped tiny round gold beads in the spaces between the gemstones, to give the wire work more of a granulated look. This pair has already been sold in my Etsy shop.

For the second variation, I used faceted amethysts along the edges of the hoops, and spaced them closer together to give the hoops more color.

After I finished the second pair of earrings, I started thinking about wrapping more than just beads around the edge of the hoop. By creating another wire aperture, and wrapping it on the outside edge, I was able to create a more structural piece. I love the way turquoise looks when set in gold, and I wanted to play some more with those yummy green onyx beads, so I used both in the third variation. I made the hoop frames smaller, so the finished earrings would not be too long or too heavy. They turned out beautifully!

I will have to wait until I make my next supply order to buy more chain and wire, so I am done with this series for now. You can be sure that I will be making more of this design in the future!



Carassia said...

I love this style with the integrated rolo chain, it adds this certain je-ne-sais-quoi. and you have perfected the technique with your flawless craftmanship! Chapeau :-)

Debbie said...

Your wire wrapping skills are MAD! Amazing and fascinating to see. Loved your work in Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine.

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pippijewelry said...

Thank you both so much for your kind words. :D

Kathleen Krucoff said...

All of these are GREAT. My favorites are the amethysts though as purple is my favorite color. Good to know you will be making more. You truly do work magic with your wire & design skills.

Pascale said...

J'adore le style de vos sublimes bijoux.
Quelle parfaite maitrise du wire.

Bravo et merci

Jewelry St Louis said...

Good variations on a theme. I like your variations on those creative designs. Your wire wrapping skills are amazing and attractive to see.