28 May 2010

Where has the month gone?

...Or maybe I should say where have I been since the beginning of the month? It has certainly been a whirlwind! My last post was at the beginning of finals week at school, and after that things have been happening non-stop. I did great in all my classes, and have a 4.0 GPA. My husband and I had one week off between Spring semester and Summer session, and during that week, we traveled to Eugene, Oregon so he could do some computer work for the University of Oregon. Our two daughters live in Eugene, so we surprised them with our visit.

It was nice to be there earlier in the Spring, so we could catch all the lovely flowers blooming around town. My daughters and I went to Hendricks Park to see the rhododendrons and azaleas blooming there, then had lunch at Track Town Pizza.

We drove through Portland on the way back to Idaho, and spent a day skiing Mount Hood with our good friend, Tom Lawrence. The day was clear and sunny, and we had perfect Spring snow. It was great fun! I had never skied there before, and was excited to take a look around the historic Timberline Lodge. There was some really beautiful artwork throughout the lodge, and I was happy to see the display of an old Campfire Girls ceremonial dress based on a Native American design. I was a Campfire Girl for a number of years while growing up, and still have a lot of my old wooden beads from my uniform.

Besides that display, there were some beautiful felted wall hangings in one of the dining rooms, and a wonderful dividing wall made of stained glass. I wish we'd had more time to look around, but we had just missed lunch, so we had to head down the road to the Mount Hood Brew Pub in Government Camp. We had a delicious lunch and a pint of beer before heading back to Tom's house for showers and hamburgers cooked on the grill.

The next day was 12 solid hours of driving to reach home again. We had Sunday to relax before Summer classes started. I am taking 12 credits this Summer (German 101-102, Anthropology and a P.E. class), so my days have been packed with classes, then staying up until midnight doing homework and studying. That has been pretty much all I have been doing since our trip. This weekend we have 4 days off, so I am getting caught up on housework and making jewelry. I will share some pictures of my latest pieces in my next post.


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Carassia said...

Thanks for sharing, Pippi! I loved to accompany you on your trip via the nice pics and your description. Too sad that vacations are always gone so fast... ;-)