29 March 2010

Spring Break 2010

One of the bonuses of being a college student is Spring Break. This year both my husband and I are students, and we took advantage of our full-time student status by being eligible for Sun Valley Resort's Triple Play Pass - 3 full days of skiing for only $99. At that price, how could we NOT go skiing? We stayed with friends in Hailey for the week, and I got to see the kids I used to babysit there, as well as my daughter, who came to Idaho with her boyfriend for her Spring Break.

We left on Saturday afternoon from Pocatello, and drove past Craters of the Moon on our way to the Wood River valley. We passed a herd of elk near Craters, and stopped at one of the overlooks to take in the view. The usually black lava was covered in snow, which was mostly gone by the time we returned the following weekend. We knew we were getting close to Sun Valley as we passed the Queen's Crown outside of Carey.

Grace and her friends stopped by to say hi to me the first night we were in town.

I scheduled a babysitting job my first night back in Hailey, watching the two boys I have taken care of for the past 5 years. We were thrilled to see each other, and had a great time! I introduced the boys to the new Doctor Who episodes, and they are hooked! I plan on getting them each their own sonic screwdriver for their upcoming birthdays.

Sunday was our first day of skiing, and we couldn't have asked for better weather! We had beautiful Spring weather, and the snow was great! We took our first ride up the mountain in the new River Run gondola. The views were spectacular! We ran into an old skiing and mountain biking friend who skied with us much of the day.

While we were in Hailey, I wanted to check out our friends' new restaurant, bar, and bike shop, Power House. Billy Olsen realized that burgers bikes and beers go well together, so he turned his bike shop into a restaurant, too. It works perfectly together! The food was excellent! The bacon cheeseburger I had came garnished with organic salad mix, with sprinkles of fresh parsley on the fries, and homemade ketchup on the table. The bar had a glass top, with a collection of exquisite bike parts, old and new beneath the glass, for the patrons' viewing pleasure. If you are driving through Hailey, be sure to stop there for lunch! You won't be disappointed!

Tuesday was another beautiful ski day. We met up with my friend, Twyla, that afternoon on the mountain, and skied a couple of runs with her. She is one of the most modest people I know, and would never make anything of her amazing skills, but she is awesome to watch! We saved our last ski day for Friday, and planned to head home after that. The view from the gondola was so beautiful that I made sure to go up in it again with my camera before we left, so I could get some good pictures.

The late evening sun was behind us as we headed home after a week well spent!


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