13 December 2009

Home, Sweet, New Home!

The past month and a half has blown by like the wind! Big changes are in the air, and have recently swept through my life, for the better. At the end of October, my husband and I started talking about the possibility of going back to college. The economic recession has hit hard in Idaho, and after over a year of my having no job, and my husband's hours at work becoming tenuous, we decided that if we are going to be cash-strapped, we may as well be cash-strapped students. With that decision, we were caught up in a whirlwind of change, and in just a little over a month, we had received financial aid, enrolled and signed up for classes at Idaho State University, found a new place to live, and moved to Pocatello. Not only was it quick, but it is probably one of the smoothest life transitions I have ever had! We have been in our new home for 13 days, and I fell as if I've lived here for years!

Carlos and I came to Pocatello for a week in November, to sign up for our classes, and look for a place to move to. We stayed at a friend's place while in town, and looked at a number of houses. All of the houses we looked at were about the same price range (half what we paid for rent in Hailey), but were, shall we say, DUMPS! One house reeked so badly of cigarette smoke that we walked in, and immediately turned around and walked out again. Another house had the potential of being good (the location was great! the back yard went right up into the hills.), until we looked inside. Dismal, cheap 70's paneling covered all the walls (including the fronts of the kitchen cupboards), and all the lights were industrial fluorescent bulbs with warped plastic covers hanging half open. We came back to our friend's place after looking at these, and decided to check to see if there was anything on Craigslist. Bingo! A cute, little 2-bedroom house close to campus had just been listed. When we stepped inside with the landlady, We both knew our search was over.

From the outside, the house looks ordinary, but inside, it is a gem! The living room and bedrooms are carpeted in a neutral, low-pile carpet. The kitchen floor is tiled in ceramic tiles, and the dining room has beautiful wood floors. When she and her husband bought the house, they replaced the windows, and the landlady stripped the trim around them down to bare wood and stained it. She then proceeded to strip all the trim throughout the house, so all the eggshell walls are trimmed in dark wood. The bathroom is located between the two bedrooms, with doors opening to each room. Though the house is quite a bit smaller than our last house (which was really too big for just the two of us), it sits on a full basement, so there is plenty of storage.

Several of our friends gave us help with our move: our friends Erik and Alison loaned us their pickup truck with a 4-bike rack on the back, which we used to take most of our bikes, and a few other big things to Pocatello in November. Krista came over several days to help me pack, and on moving day to clean. What would we have done without her? Tammy brought boxes and helped with cleaning projects while we packed. Sue and Paul were the biggest help, gathering and bringing boxes to our house, and Paul's helping us load the truck and clean all day on moving day, then driving all the way to Pocatello with us, sleeping on the floor, and helping us unload the next day and return the truck! We are so blessed with all of our friends!

Unpacking began right away, as we realized that we couldn't find the charger for the phone, and the battery was almost dead. Within a few days, it looked like we had lived here for years! Yes, there are still boxes to unpack (mostly books), but we are essentially here. My work table is set up in the spare room, and I have even finished a project, and started a new one! We still have a few weeks before classes start, so we can relax and enjoy the holidays. This week, I will be retaking the pictures for my seahorse tutorial, with the hope of finishing it before the new year. Change is good!

Wishing you all uplifting changes in the coming year!
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K S Jewellery Designs said...

Really enjoyed this post and catching up with your news. Life changes like this can be so exciting, so I wish you all the best. What are you studying?
Kristin :)

pippijewelry said...

Thanks, Kristen!
I am studying fine arts, with emphasis on jewelry making and ceramics. It will be fun! I will be able to learn a bunch of the things on my 'TO LEARN' list (which I would have had to pay to take classes for, anyway), AND get college credit for it, too! Win-win! :D

Shay Stone said...

Congratulations on the move and new life direction! Your place looks very nice:)

pippijewelry said...

Thanks, Shay! :D

gaffergirls.com said...

what a cute place you have..
all out love
mona & the girls