03 November 2009


The end of October found me itching to play with my wire again, and after a jewelry friend mentioned sneaking in making a ring between her other projects, I decided a ring was in order, too. I had a vague idea in my head when I started it, and wrapped the band and part of the setting base, but then I had to look through all my stones and beads to decide what to feature in the ring. Nothing seemed to look right until I spotted a small octahedron fluorite crystal, like two pyramids with their bases stuck together, sitting on one of my shelves in my work room.

The crystal is a very pale shade of blue, with golden flecks of iron pyrite crystals near the point of one of the pyramids, and when I held it to the base of the ring, I knew it would be perfect! For some reason, the color and shape of the stone reminded me of Atlantis, and I curved and curled the wires of the setting into coiled waves rising up around the stone, like the temples of Atlantis sinking into the ocean. The coils of the setting lace around the stone like filigree, and the shape of the crystal peeks through the swirls.

Since I finished the ring, it has become a new favorite, and I have hardly taken it of since it was done. It sits majestically on my index finger, and looks like a ring a high priestess would wear. The night after it was done, I wore it to bed, and was awakened in the wee hours of the morning by the full moon shining through my window onto my pillow like a spotlight. I raised the ring to the light, and marveled at it in the moonlight. Magical!


Jwm29 said...

I like this ,too! John

christel said...

waow, i love your work, your jewels are so beautiful,