30 October 2009

So much for National Blog Posting Month!

Here it is, the end of the month, and I am finally posting in my blog - so much for National Blog Posting Month! I spent most of October madly canning up the pears from my trees before they went bad. I canned 24 pints of pear slices, 5-1/2 quarts of pear pie filling, 8 pints of pear sauce, and three jars of pear butter. The pear butter took a couple of days to make, and a half a stock pot full of peeled and sliced pears cooked down to three small jars, plus enough for a slice of toast. It tastes divine! Well worth the effort!

I was in a slump with my jewelry making, so I whiled away my free time crocheting. I found a really cute sweater pattern online some time ago, and decided, finally, to make it for myself. I used Lamb's Pride yarn in a sunflower yellow. I had to alter the pattern a bit, as the sleves were too small when I followed the pattern.

I used some of the leftover yellow yarn to make the tapestry crochet skull in a Dia de los Muertos bag, inspired by a variegated yarn that looked like serape material when crocheted. I added crocheted roses below the skulls on the bag, scallops of bright sapphire-colored yarn along the bottom, and a fringe of turquoise stones and bone skull beads along the top of the bag.

After finishing up my crochet projects, I finally felt like playing with my wire again, and decided to make a ring last night. I had a vague idea of how I would make the ring, but didn't decide on a stone to use until it was almost half way done. I had a small fluorite crystal I had been carrying with me for years, and realized it would be perfect in this ring. The crystal has inclusions of pyrite - small golden flecks that sparkle in the light. The stone is the palest blue, and I wrapped the coils of silver wire up around the stone, over the pyramid shape of the crystal's top like the waves drawing over the lost land of Atlantis.

Now, I am back in the swing of things with my jewelry, and am off to make something else.
Thanks for stopping in!