12 August 2009


I'm supposed to be cleaning the house. That is the big TO DO item on my list for today, but I am procrastinating. Instead of sweeping and mopping the kitchen, or vacuuming, or dusting, I am sitting here at my desk, checking my Facebook and posting on Twitter. So, since I am putting off what I should be doing, I figured I would at least make this computer time productive and write a post for my blog.

So what have I been doing since my last post? The biggest project I've been working on is a tutorial for making my seahorse design. So many people have asked me to make one, but I have been a little intimidated by doing so. I finally decided to take the plunge! I have a good portion of it done, but weather and computer glitches have slowed down my progress lately. I am back on track, and pushing to finish it this week.

The weekend after my friend's wedding, an old friend of ours from our Collins Bike Shop days was in town. It is always a pleasure spending time with Tom! That saturday that he was here, he decided to drive up to Stanley for the folk festival, and took us and our tandem as far as Galena Lodge before heading over the pass. Carlos and I had been wanting to ride the old toll road over the pass, and this way we didn't have to ride all the way up from Hailey first. We had planned on riding the toll road last year on our bike trip, but weren't able to find the road (it was there, just under a marsh). This time, we consulted with Don Shepler, who is one of the caretakers at Galena Lodge, and he told us how to find the trail. We had to ride on the highway for about a mile before the trail continued past the marsh. It was a warm, sunny day, and the trail was steep, but we made it to the top of the pass, where we ate sandwiches from our perch overlooking the Salmon River headwaters and the Stanley Basin. Lovely! We rode back to Hailey via the Harriman Trail, rode along the highway for a few miles until we reached the Wood River Trail, and took that the rest of the way back home. We rode a total of about 75 miles, of which at least 50 was off road, and only 5 miles on actual roads! Whew!

The next day we went on a ride with our friend, Tom. We hadn't ridden the Cold Springs trail on Baldy since the Castle Rock fire in 2007, so we decided to ride up Cold Springs, and down Warm Springs. The back side of Baldy burned right to the ski boundary (a little over), and the trail on that side of the mountain was very different from its pre-fire days! What was once a hobbit-like trail twisting through the trees was now open, with blackened tree trunks as far as the eye could see. However, nature is amazing in its ability to recover, and the hillsides from top to bottom were covered with a sea of pink wild hollyhocks! It was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen! Sorry, I didn't bring my camera - it's too hard trying to take pictures during a bike ride.

The next weekend, we went on another ride with friends, and I DID take my camera! We rode up Kinsey Creek and down Curran Creek. The ride was only 10.6 miles, but the climbs were steep and the trail fairly technical. It was a great ride! There was one point where the trail crossed a sea of lupines. The smell was intoxicating!

Last tuesday, I went with the folks from Sagebrush riding arena to Camp Rainbow Gold, and we did riding sessions with the kids. It was an amazing day!

During the off-times from working on the seahorse tutorial, I had to make SOMETHING, so in the evenings, while my husband and I relaxed and watched old Doctor Who episodes, I played with my wire and made some more copper and seed bead seahorses. It was relaxing to be able to just make one without having to photograph each step. I also made a coiled wire basket, which I am very pleased with. I'm thinking about ways to incorporate tiny baskets in my jewelry. We'll see what I come up with.

OK, now that I've cought you up on my doings, I really must get off the computer and get my house cleaned!
Thanks for procrastinating with me!


Thecraftytrundler said...

Housework will always be there!!!
Great to hear from you!

Sharon xx

Swati said...

Where do you live Pippi? All these pictures you post are so GORGEOUS! They make me want to run away from here. lol! Your sea horses seem to get better and better each day...and you know I love your baskets! :-) Say, is your sea horse tut done?

SCJ Jewelry Design said...

Seems I'm always making jewelry instead of cleaning house. I love your seahorses! If you ever are inclined, I'd love to see a tutorial on making your wire baskets - they look like alot of fun and flexibility in design.

pippijewelry said...

Sharon - Yes, housework is never ending. Luckily, Grace helped me with cleaning the livingroom. :D

Swati - I live in Sun Valley, Idaho. The Native Americans who lived in this area called it the 'Heavenly Heights' and used to spend summers here in the mountains.
Getting closer on the tutorial...

SCJ - A tutorial for the baskets would be fun! I'll make that one next! :D

Thanks all for popping in!

The Beading Gem said...

Being on the computer, designing jewelry is far preferable to cleaning house!! I can't wait till I see your tut and very likely write about it too! I hope you'll tweet it when you're done.

pippijewelry said...

I will definitely tweet it when the tutorial is done. Will post on my Facebook page, too!

Hola!Design said...

can't wait for that tutorial!

Yarn Over Hook said...

gosh Pippi isn't your jewellery gorgeous...stunning work:-)
Take care