20 August 2009

foxyfindings.com August Facebook Contest

As I was checking in on Facebook today, I saw the posting for a contest on FoxyFinding's Facebook page.

Here's what you have to do to enter the contest:

1. Head over to www.foxyfindings.com and find that special item that catches your eye.

2. Write a blog post about the item. Why you love it, what piece of jewelry you’d like to use it in, how it inspires you. Let us know what you love!

3. Post the link on our fan page wall at www.facebook.com/foxyfindings

4. Get your friends to “like” your post! The top “liked” post at the end of the contest will win a $50 shopping spree on FoxyFindings.com!

5. Plus, voters have a chance to win! We will randomly choose a voter from the top “liked” post for a chance to win another $50 shopping spree on Foxy Finding!

A $50 shopping spree? and all I have to do is share what I want to make with some of the amazing beads they have to offer? How could I resist? :D

So, I went to www.foxyfindings.com, and found these lovely rhyolite beads. As soon as I saw them, they reminded me of a beautiful picture jasper bead I used in my most recent skull bracelet.

When I made this bracelet, I thought it would be fun to make a similar bracelet, but with the wrapped teardrop stones on both ends, and multi-stone chains between them. Sadly, that was the last of those jasper stones in my stash, but these beautiful, mossy green stones would make a perfect substitute! And with $50, not only I could buy the rhyolite beads, but I could find some fun beads to make up the chains in between, too! In fact, there would be more than enough to make two bracelets!

So here's what I will do, to sweeten the pot even more: If I win, I will have a little contest of my own, and everyone who leaves me a comment here, as well as liking my post on foxyfindings' page will be put into a drawing, and if I win the contest, I will make one of these bracelets just for you!

To 'like' my post and cast your vote, click here. Thanks!

You all have until the end of this month to get your votes in. ;)


Scarlet Leonard said...

Gorgeous bracelet, I can see why you want to make more of that style. You have even inspired me with an idea.

Good luck in the contest.

pippijewelry said...

Thanks, Scarlet! Good luck to you, too. :D

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Great idea Pippi. Love the bracelet and the idea. Good luck to you in the contest!

pippijewelry said...

Thanks, Kathleen! Now it is officially a contest, since more than one person posted here. :D