09 July 2009

Spokane and Back

My yard sale on the 4th of July was a success, and the next thing on my busy July list was driving to Spokane to pick up my daughter from her visit at her sister's place. We decided to drive up to Spokane through western Idaho, then we cut over into Washington by Lewiston, and took a smaller highway north to Spokane.

We drove up over Galena Pass to Stanley, then through Lowman and McCall. The scenery was fantastic, and the weather could not have been better! A couple of summers ago, when the Castle Rock wildfire was burning outside of Ketchum, there was also a big burn near Lowman. When the burned area came into view, it was deceiving at first as to what it was, because the new undergrowth was SO green! The road snaked along the south fork of the Payette river, with mountains rising steeply from the other side of the road.

As we were driving through the town of Cascade, I spied a wire sculpture of a bighorn ram, and had my husband swing around the block so I could snap a picture. I wish I had had time to stop and take a closer look at how they constructed it. We stopped in McCall at a microbrewery for an early dinner, and we sat out on the upstairs balcony, enjoying the fresh air and the view.

The drive to Spokane took us 2 hours longer than if we'd taken the interstate, but it was so much prettier, and there was very little traffic. The worst driving part was the few miles of interstate we had to take into Spokane, because there was construction, and we crawled along for over half an hour to go 4 miles.

We arrived at my daughter's apartment around 10:30 pm, and hung out for a little while before going to sleep. The next morning, I made waffles for breakfast (I brought my waffle iron along with me.), then we turned around and headed back to Hailey. We decided to take the interstate going back, to save time, so we got to drive through part of western Montana, which I had never seen before. It is so beautiful! There were mountains all around, and the reason they call Montana the "big sky" country was very apparent.

Just outside of Missoula, we discovered the location of Jellystone Park! Yogi Bear's picture was even on the mailbox in front.

From Missoula, we took highway 93 through Salmon and Challis.

We traded driving in Salmon, and I made sure to stop near the old Model T Ford we passed on the way into town, so I could take a picture of it, too, then cut over Trail Creek pass into Sun Valley on the way home. We had just enough light to see on the skinny, windy, gravel road over Trail Creek. The edge of the road drops off very steeply, and I was glad that Carlos drove that part, and happier still when we were on the paved road again!

Today, I went up and set up my tent for the Ketchum Arts Festival. I will be finishing up pricing, etc. this afternoon, and the festival starts tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck!


Hearttohearts said...

what beautiful scenery! looks like a great drive. Good luck with the festival

Thecraftytrundler said...

Good luck, hun!! Lovely scenery, and your girls look great!!!!

Sharon xx

lola_d said...

Oh my! This was beautiful! I love the pics you took! Gorgeous country!

Cristina Rugar said...

how how how .. yogui bear.