23 July 2009

Kelly & Mike's Wedding

My husband and I drove to Oregon this past weekend for our friends' wedding in Portland. It was a busy few days with a lot of driving, but great fun in all. Everywhere along our route, we saw fields of summer hay in various stages of harvest. In some places, the bales lined up in the field stretched for miles.

Carlos had to do some computer work for the University of Oregon, so we drove to Eugene first. We decided to take the scenic route through eastern Oregon, rather than the interstate. Highway 26 winds through the Blue Mountains, and passes by the John Day Fossil Beds. We took a slight detour to see the Painted Hills section. Carlos had ridden his bike along that route years ago, traveling from Pocatello to Eugene, and had told me about the hills a number of times, so we had to stop, being so close. Even as we drove along the road to the lookout, the colors of the hills that rose up from the roadside were spectacular. I kept wanting to stop to take a picture, but Carlos said the best views were at the top, so I waited. It was definitely worth the wait! Magnificent!

We arrived in Eugene late thursday night, and slept on our friends' fold-out couch. On friday, while Carlos was at the university, I took advantage of my time by seeking out and buying a flat of organic blueberries from Royal Blue, and spent several hours visiting my friend, Katlyn, with whom I went to massage school. It was nice to relax and catch up! I met up with Carlos later in the afternoon, and we went to our favorite restaurant, Yi Shen. They also have an asian foods market as part of their store, so we stocked up on our favorite soy sauce, and some other things we can't get here in Hailey. After a delicious meal, we hit the highway for Portland.

Kelly and Mike were hosting a potluck dinner with family and friends on friday night, and we made it in plenty of time to join in. We spent the night on Kelly and Mike's fold-out couch that night, so I could help with some of the wedding stuff in the morning. Kelly's friend, Deni, and I went to the Portland Farmers Market early saturday morning to pick up the flowers for the wedding. As we walked through the market, I was wondering if any of the farmers I knew were there, and right across from the flower vendor was the stand for Wintergreen Farm, and my friend, Chris working the stand. I worked with his wife, Shannon, for years at Horton Road Organics. I love it when that happens!

Deni dropped me and the flowers off at Kelly and Mike's house, and I joined them and Carlos for a breakfast of homemade waffles, while Kelly went with her mom and aunt to get their hair and makeup done for the wedding. (As you may remember, I wrote about the crown Kelly wore for her wedding in an earlier post: Pearl Blossom Wedding Crown )The stylist did a beautiful job of arranging the crown in Kelly's hair. She looked beautiful!

The wedding took place at the Edgefield McMenamins. They had rented the Administrators house and garden for the wedding, and we had the house for the night, so guests stayed in rooms there. The service was simple, yet meaningful. Kelly and Mike were positively glowing! The minister was very good, and they had a great photographer documenting the event. I took a lot of pictures with my camera (and also with Kelly's mom's camera while she was in the pictures), and posted them on Facebook for them as soon as we got home, so they would have some to share right away. Mike and Kelly had planned on having music play on their ipod after the harpist finished, but the band, The Decemberists, happened to be playing at the hotel that night, so we had great music for free, too!

Carlos and I stocked up on bottles of McMenamins beer to bring back with us, and we had a delicious breakfast in the Black Rabbit restaurant at The Edgefield. The Edgefield is on the eastern end of Portland, so we were able to jump onto the highway and drive back without having to deal with driving through the city, which saved us almost an hour of driving. The drive home was smooth, and we were happy to sleep in our own bed again when we got home.

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