02 July 2009

July Will Fly!

The months seem to fly by, anyway, but this month is particularly busy, so it will seem more rapid than most. I'm starting off my "month of July extravaganza" with a yard sale this saturday - July 4th. It should be a good day for it, as the Main street traffic reroutes down our street for the parade. I have been working all week, pulling old things up out of my basement and cupboards, and sorting through the boxes that never made it past the garage when we moved across the street 3-1/2 years ago. I am SO ready to lighten my load! I already sold $100 worth of camping gear and Carlos' old leather telemark boots to a friend who gave Carlos a ride home from work the other day.

I have slowed down on making jewelry, as there is so much to do! Still, I did make a few fun things. I finished the necklace for Sagebrush Arena's 18th annual 'Cowboy Ball' silent auction. I knitted a copper chain to go with the copper horse I'd made earlier, and figured out how to make the bail the way I wanted it for the pendant. I used one continuous piece of copper wire over 50 feet long for the chain, using a 3-pin knitting technique, not unlike spool knitting. I think it will go well in their auction. I also played around with ideas for lucky 4-leaf clover jewelry. Here are my first two attempts.

While all this fun is going on, I also have to get ready for the Ketchum Arts Festival the following weekend, with a quick 2 days (tuesday & wednesday) of driving to pick my daughter up from visiting her sister in Spokane in the middle of the week. We are driving up and back through the middle (as much as one can) of Idaho, rather than taking the interstate, and I will be taking my camera, so I can share the beautiful scenery with you later. Thursday is set up day for the arts festival, and I will be there friday, saturday, and sunday all day selling my jewelry. I have been taking breaks from yard sale detail to make up a bunch of fun, 1-inch buttons to sell in my booth, too. I have been selling them at The Loft, and they are quite popular!

I will have a whole 5 days after the arts festival to rest up and get ready to drive to Portland the following weekend for my friend's wedding, where I will take pictures of the wedding crown I made in action! Hopefully, the end of the month will quiet down some, and I can get back to making jewelry and relax a bit.

And now, back to moving stuff out into the garage for the yard sale.
Wish me luck! :D


Taka jest Poranna said...

The horse is fantastic! and I like the ring as well :o)

Shay Stone said...

Whooo what a busy woman you are! Great job getting all your garage sale stuff together... and buttons.. and jewelry... and donated jewelry!!
Way to go Pippi. You are and inspiration:)

Lola D said...

Girl the horse is magnificent! I love it!!!!! You should write a tut or something!

I hope all your July events bring in a butt load of loot for ya!!! HUGS!!!!!!!!!