23 June 2009

Summer is here! (finally!...)

This has been the strangest spring I've seen since I moved here! We live in the mountains, and spring is usually dry, but we have had all the rain that Seattle hasn't for the past 3-4 weeks. It was so dark from rainclouds that I often had to turn on the lights inside during the middle of the day! Finally, though, the rainy weather has broken, and we are back to our usual sunny skies. I am glad, as tonight is our annual summer solstice (a bit late) mountain bike ride. Every year, a group of us ride one of the mountain trails nearby, then have a cookout afterwards. I always look forward to the cookout after the ride, as there is usually some good food happening, and tonight will be no exception. Antelope kabobs are on the menu, along with side dishes, and I made up a batch of peanut butter cookies last night, which will be dessert tonight.

Our ride will take several hours, and several thousand feet of hard climbing, with exhilerating downhills. The plan is to ride up Mars Ridge, and come back down north fork Deer Creek trail. I haven't been up in that area since before the Castle Rock wildfire, which raged through the area a couple of summers ago. It will be interesting to see how the fire changed the landscape, and what wildflowers are blooming there now. With all of the rain we've been getting, the flowers should be spectacular! (I'll bring my camera, and try to snap a few pictures. Not always easy when riding.)

I made the most of the rainy weather we had, and have been making jewelry (as usual). I found a tutorial for making pretty pearl flowers on one of the blogs I follow. The blog is in Hungarian, but the pictures are very good, and I was able to follow them to figure out how to make the design. Here is the link to the tutorial: http://kricsar.blogspot.com/2009/06/tutorial-3.html
I was really pleased with how it turned out! My husband just got a new set of strings for his viola, so I have been recycling his silver-wound strings into necklace cords by adding a jumpring through the ferrule, and wrapping a lobster clasp onto the other end. It makes a nice, light-weight necklace with clean lines, which don't detract from the pendants I hang from them.

I also made yet another skull bracelet, this time pairing the turquoise skull with a wire wrapped ocean jasper with gorgeous markings on it. I only have three of these skull beads left, and don't know if I will find them again (though I always look), so they are extra special to me, and I want to do them justice by making them into something really beautiful.

I have to keep this short, as I need to get my riding clothes, etc, together to leave soon.
Happy summer to you all!

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