18 June 2009

Raining Turquoise Skull Bracelets

It has been raining here every day for several weeks now, quite uncommon weather for our mountain valley, but it has been very conducive to working in the garden, and I have been doing a lot of that lately! I recently started a project to edge the beds in my front yard with flush-set, flat stones, to give the beds more definition, and to make mowing easier (I can just roll the mower right up to the edge of the grass, without needing to use a weed wacker.) We get clear patches in the weather where the sun comes out and things dry up somewhat, and I weed and plant, and when the rains drive me indoors, I make jewelry. Not a bad life! :D

I have been making more of my asymmetrical bracelets lately. I was originally inspired by a bracelet I saw in a Sundance catalog, and have made a number of bracelets of a similar design. For these bracelets, I make a section of tiny wire wrapped stone chains, and couple them with larger, unique beads and findings to make my bracelets. My newest favorite is my Ganesh bracelet. I traded with another Etsy seller for the silver Ganesh finding, and used an orange and purple color scheme, as it reminds me of India. I used earthy-colored tundra sapphires for the multi chains on the bracelet, wrapping them with fine silver wire, then grouped them with a big faceted nugget of amethyst, and a carnelian faceted round, capped with Thai silver bead caps.

After I finished the Ganesh bracelet, I still wanted to play with this bracelet design, and I had a few turquoise skull beads left in my stash, and decided to make another skull bracelet, using turquoise and coral. As I was working on this bracelet, a friend emailed me and asked if I could make her a skull bracelet, too. She wanted all turquoise for hers, and I modified the design a bit, to take advantage of a cool, Tibetan silver charm I'd been saving for a special project to use in the design.

I really liked how her bracelet turned out, and it seems whenever I start making pieces with turquoise, I end up making several. This time was no exception. After finishing the two skull bracelets, I made a turquoise pendant netted with fine silver wire, and strung it on a necklace made from one of my husband's used, silver-wound viola strings. I added a jump ring through the ferrule, and wrapped a sterling lobster clasp onto the other end with half-round sterling wire.

After I finish up my chores for today, I am going back to work on the jewelry for the upcoming benefit for Sagebrush Equine Training Center for the Handicapped (www.sagebrushequine.org). I volunteer there every week. They offer 130 free riding sessions a week to handicapped people and at-risk youth, and are able to do so through the generous donations of time by over 200 volunteers. Very cool! I am working on some horse-themed jewelry designs for the silent auction. I'll share what I make here, too.

Thanks for stopping in!


Swati said...

Pippi I love your new asymetrical bracelets. You are making me want to make some bracelets. And that is saying something, because I hardly ever make any bracelets! I am usually making pendants, rings...and then earrings.

Thecraftytrundler said...

Hi Pippi,
Sounds as you've got the craft/work balance just right!! Your jewellery is beautiful, I love the little seahorses, and look forward to seeing the horses.
Wish I did more craft, for me it's creative me time, and very therapeutic, and satisfying.
Have a great weekend : )

Sharon xx

Lola D said...

I love the red and turquoise one. I am not a typical skull type person even though I do like the goth thing. But these are super cool! I've never seen turquoise skulls! the red mix is my fav.

pippijewelry said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies!

Swati - can't wait to see what bracelets you come up with!

Sharon - my creative time is 'me time' too. I am lucky that my work is doing what I love!

Lola - I've always been fascinated by skulls, so when I found these cool skull beads, I bought several of them. Don't know if I will ever find more again, though. I always look...

M.Aldito.Arte said...

lovely!!!.. I like the skull stone... is sooo mystical, reminds me that part of Piura (Peru) where the shamans call the spirits and the powers of the unknown...

Lola D said...

Well, I say they are lovely! OOOO it might be cute to use the flower tut around one!!! The whole Day of the Dead floral lay (sp?) thing!

I know, I get obsessed with a technique! But seriously it could work at snazzy!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Aren't the weather patterns crazy? Yes, you have been getting our rain. And I agree, rainy days are so wonderful for creating.

pippijewelry said...

I like the flower and skull idea, Lola. I do have one turquoise skull that was dyed red that could be quite nice with this idea. Thanks! :D

The Beading Gem said...

It's amazing how many jewelry artisans also adore gardening. I like pottering too.

BTW, I just awarded you a blog award. Check it out on my blog.

Billy James said...

Your blog is so unique and wonderful too.
I found very impressed to go trough your blog.

Billy James

Billy James said...

Nice work pipp..
I like this bracelets I found that skull was too much funny and interesting...!!!!..
Great...I am hoping for more design..

pippijewelry said...

Thank you, Billy!
I have a few more of the skull beads waiting to be made into something. I appreciate your taking the time to look at my work.
all the best,