26 May 2009

A Busy May

The weeks have flown by since my last post, and even though I haven't written here, I have been doing and making a lot! It seems the trees have leafed out overnight, and I have been spending lots of time out in the garden, pulling weeds, and getting ready to plant. The other day I had the windows open, as the weather was quite warm, and the intoxicating smell of pear blossoms filled the house while I worked on a piece of jewelry. Heavenly!

After finishing Kelly's wedding crown, I was still enamoured by those lovely keishi pearls, and made a couple more pairs of earrings with them. I have been working like mad, making jewelry for my upcoming showing at the Ketchum Arts Festival, coming up on July 10-12. This will be my first arts festival, and I admit that I am more than a bit nervous (of what, I cannot say, just nervous). I have been trying to make pieces in a variety of price ranges, and still give free reign to my creative urges.

I made a series of hoop earrings with multiple drops, and tried my hand at wire filigree work in the style of another wire artist I admire. I also finished the second of an intricate pair of tribal style hoops I started in the winter. I'm glad I took the time to finish them, as they are exquisite!

Over Memorial Day weekend, I finally talked my husband into going to see a movie in the theaters with me. He doesn't usually care for going to the theaters, as he doesn't like people talking around him while he is watching a movie, or missing parts if nature calls. We saw the new Star Trek movie, and we both loved it! When we came home, we found the original episodes on cbs.com and have been having fun watching them again (me, curled up in my chair, making jewelry at the same time).

My latest project was inspired by a piece by another artist friend. She had made a wire wrapped lotus blossom pendant, which I liked the shape of, so as we watched Star Trek reruns, I began sketching out my version. I wanted mine to incorporate wire filigree, and then I had a sudden inspiration to add a row of rainbow stones for each chakra. I had one beautiful blue tourmaline bead I'd been saving for something special, and soon gathered the other colors from my gemstone stash. The pendant grew quickly, and turned out even better than I had hoped.

Now on to my next jewelry projects, and planting my garden!
Thanks for stopping by!


Shay Stone said...

Hey Pippi:)
What luscious and gorgeous work you've been doing! I think my favorites are the tribal hoops and the winged chakra piece but of course all are so wonderful! Wasn't Star Trek great? I also wanted to run out and watch all the old shows, but haven't had a chance yet.
Happy making and big hugs,

Hearttohearts said...

Beautiful work Pippi! I love them all!

Swati said...

Wow lovely pieces...ALL of them. Each and every piece is simply gorgeous!!

The Beading Gem said...

I've been so behind in checking in on other fab artisans. Almost missed this post! Your wire jewelry is gorgeous especially the tribal hoops.

Ramblin River said...

Do you travel? I would love to have you at my gem show! let me know...

Thecraftytrundler said...

Remember me!!! great to see you're creative!! The jewellery is gorgeous! Will have to look at your Etsy shop.
I have a blogspot blog too, its The craftytrundler@blogspot.com. I'm into fabric crafts, have done a bit of simple jewellery, I'm sure I'll get inspiration here!!
Great to get in touch!!! : )

Sharon xxx