25 April 2009

Variations On Themes

When I develope a new design, I usually make several variations of it, as I explore using different colors and shapes in the design. Yesterday, as I experimented with this earwire design, I decided to remake an old pair of well-loved earrings. (Lately, I have been looking through all of my old earrings, which I made when I first started wire wrapping, and remaking them with my much improved skills.)

Years ago, when I lived in Eugene, I would often come across a box of stuff someone left on the curbside for free. In one of these free boxes, I found a plastic tub with random earring parts. In it was one of a pair of amber earrings with leaf-shaped amber drops, missing one of the drops, with only the broken wire remaining. There were two pieces of amber left, so I rewrapped them with silver wire and wore them for a number of years as simple leverback earrings. These amber drops are now paired with varying shades of tundra sapphire faceted rondels wrapped onto the earwires. They are so much more dramatic now!

The first pair of these earwires I made were used on a set of variations of pearl blossom earrings. I liked how the wires turned out, and desided to try them in several different variations. I used more of the keshi pearls which inspired the pearl blossom earrings, this time as falling petals. I love when the apple and pear trees' flowers are ending, and the petals fall off like snow!

The other design which I have been making variations of lately is this pearl blossom design. They were inspired by the beautiful string of freshwater keishi pearls I recently bought. As soon as I saw them, I thought of flower petals! Here are the pairs of earrings I have made so far. I am working on a tutorial for this design, which should be out later this spring. I used faceted amethyst for the stamens on the first pair. I liked the design so much, I had to make a pair for myself, and used tiny faceted spinels for the stamens on mine.

I used smaller fresh water keishi pearls for the petals on the third pair, making the flowers smaller, and I wrapped tiny peridot round beads onth the petal frames. The stamens on the mini flowers are topped with tiny round garnet beads, and they look more like plum blossoms to me.

The backs of the flower petals for this design was inspired by an ancient pair of Croatian filigree earrings I found in the book, Croatian National Jewelry, which a friend gave to me as a gift a few years ago. (I am half Croatian on my mother's side of the family.) The original earrings were quite elaborate, and the design I adapted was from just the top of the earrings. I love the swirling spirals!

I have some other completely different designs I am working on, too, but I'll save them for next time, when I can show you pictures.

Until then, celebrate every day of your life!
all the best,


Bev's Jewelry said...

Your apple and pear flowers are just beautiful! Very realistic and wearable.

Poet Atrabilious said...

So dainty and rich! I love the big hooks!

pippijewelry said...

I had a sudden revelation yesterday for the wedding crown I'm making, using more of these pearl blossoms on it. The crown will also convert easily into a necklace.