04 April 2009

Spring Break

My daughter, Grace, came out to visit for her Spring break last week, so I was busy spending time with her, instead of writing for my blog. We had a wonderful visit together, and both had our projects that we worked on to mark the time. Grace loves to knit, and decided to make a scarf for one of her school friends. Here is a picture of Grace modeling the finished scarf.

I did a little crocheting, before turning back to my wire work. Grace had asked me if I could make her a wire wrapped band that she could wear on her thumb. Just as Carlos was leaving for work one day, I had a sudden inspiration of how to wrap the band, and sat in one chair in the livingroom working on the idea before it slipped away, while Grace sat knitting in the other chair. The band turned out just as she wanted, and she immediately put it on. I wanted to study the pattern more, and since she wouldn't take off her new ring, I made another one. I still haven't quite got the finishing of the band design the way I would like it, but I knew I could use the pattern to make a cool ring with stones, so that was my next project. I had a beautiful 2.22 ct. yellow sapphire briolette that would look perfect as a center stone for a ring, and I added two reddish tundra sapphire rondels set in a swirl of wrapped wires.

Grace's local friend, Camille, spent several days and nights here with Grace, and I did a study of a neat pair of pressed metal earrings she was wearing one day, which I adapted into a wire filigree design for a necklace. I worked on the necklace on and off for a few days, and finished wrapping it today. I still plan on oxidizing the wrapped centerpiece, but I took a few pictures of it as it is, so I could share it here with you.

As I was working on this piece, I had an inspiration for my next series of pieces. The series will be called Tempus Fugit, and will be a line of steampunk, wire wrapped jewelry.

'Til next time, thanks for stopping in!
all the best,


K S Jewellery Designs said...

Pippi - you are so talented, your wirework is so inspiring - thanks for sharing.
Kristin :)

Hearttohearts said...

Your daughter is beautiful!