07 April 2009

Flowers and Filigree

The snow is rapidly disappearing, and I've even seen a few crocuses popping their purple heads up. Though I will honestly miss the winter snow (I love to ski!), I am looking forward to flowers and mountain bike rides. So, when I stopped in the Bead Shop the other day and saw these gorgeous, petal-shaped, freshwater pearls, I knew I would have to make blossom earrings out of them. I had been looking in my book, Croatian National Jewelry, for inspiration, and found it in a pair of filigree earrings from Croatian Baranja. Each blossom is made up of over 7 feet of wire, and measures just over an inch in length (not including the leverbacks). They came together quite nicely, and are light as a flower to wear! I like them so much, I'm starting another pair (I'll have to make a pair to keep!), and, at the suggestion of a fellow wire worker, will be making a tutorial for them, too. (Thank you, Sheridan!) I see flower garland necklaces, rings, and crowns in the future, too!

My other jewelry pursuits have been on a different track, lately. I have always liked steampunk jewelry, and have decided to try my hand at making my own, wire wrapped style. I am a big-time nerd, and have always loved sci-fi, comic books, graphic novels, etc. As a child, I studied insects and languages for fun, you get the idea... The thing that gave me the final nudge to give steampunk design a whirl was a group of old watch faces for sale in an Etsy store called SteampunkSupply. I love to look at the cool things in this shop, and dream. As soon as I saw the watch face set, I knew what I would make with each one! I ended up buying one of their large steampunk grab bags to get me started, instead (though I may have to go back and buy the set that drew me in in the first place...), and the ideas started pouring out into my notebook. I wanted to start making them right away, but I have to wait for the grab bag to arrive. I did make up the frame for the first one. I keep going back to the picture and studying each piece, planning where I will use it. Soon enough, you will see what I come up with!

Thanks for stopping in! 'Til next time,

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