12 March 2009

The Adventures of Pip

It seems like there is always so much more to do than there is time in the day! And even though I have been a bit lax at writing here in my blog, I have been doing lots of other things. Of course, my jewelry making is usually at the top of the list for me. My latest, greatest creation is a beautiful sapphire dragonfly pendant. I have been wanting to make one for quite a while, but had a hard time coming up with a design I liked. I had started a couple of attempts that ended up on my scrap pile. It wasn't until I saw a dragonfly necklace in one of my friend's Etsy shop that I finally had the inspiration I needed. The pendant my friend used is a wonderful Thai silver, filigree dragonfly, with a faceted amethyst set in its thorax. For my dragonfly, I used a lovely 1.75 carat blue sapphire I bought last year (the color was so beautiful that I couldn't pass it up!), and tiny, faceted sapphire rondels for the abdomen. He was definitely a labor of love, and took me a solid day of careful and patient wrapping to complete! Though it only measures 2-1/4 inches by 3 inches, it incorporates over 23 feet (more than 7 meters) of wire.

Of course, I haven't just been making jewelry all this time. My husband and I have been going skiing almost every weekend, trying to use up our ski passes before the end of the season. I finally mastered the telemark turn, and suddenly, skiing became much easier, and lots more fun! We also have been training to be volunteer ski buddies for disabled skiers through Sun Valley Adaptive Sports ( http://www.svasp.org ), and yesterday I donated massage for a group of disabled war vets that are here for the SVAS outdoor program, Higher Ground. In partnership with Department of Defense and major military medical centers around the country, Higher Ground serves recently injured American Service members who have been severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. The purpose of higher Ground is to use sports and recreation as a means of healing and therapy. The program offers two winter snowsports camps, two summer adventure camps, and weeklong customized events serving more than 40 Service members and their significant others each year. The goal is to build physical skills and self-confidence, and to provide a fun, healthy, and meaningful experience, so the Service members can more easily transition into their new lives in their home communities. The group I worked with was great, and I was honored to be able to add to their healing experience.

I have also been active in the Wire Artisans Guild, since I was accepted as a member, and have been working on a celtic knotwork necklace for our March monthly theme, Emerald Isle. This is another project I have wanted to tackle for a while. My family on my father's side came from Ireland, and I have been fascinated by the ornate knotwork used in ancient illuminated manuscripts, stone carvings and jewelry, and have collected a number of books on their construction techniques. The monthly theme was the kick in the behind I needed to finally get around to making a piece of knotwork jewelry. I'm sure now that I have started, there will be more to follow.

And, for those who are local, or are planning on visiting our beautiful valley in July, this will be the first year that I participate in the Ketchum Arts Festival, July 9, 10, & 11, 2009. To that end, I have been making jewelry like mad, to have an abundant supply for the event. If you do come, please stop by my booth, and let me know you read about it in my blog, and I will give you 30% off any one item in my stock.

Thanks for stopping in! Enjoy each and every day!


Shay said...

OH don't I wish I could go to the festival! I hope you have lots of fun -- I'm sure you'll do wonderfully:) I'm glad to hear how much you are helping folks out too. That is ALWAYS good. I also can't wait to see this Celtic piece you are working on. I'm sure I'm going to love it and want it!! I'm in the same place as you as far as having the Irish heritage that I've not quite explored. I want to do more of that, including jewelry and maybe a tattoo or two;)
Way to go Pippi!

pippijewelry said...

Thanks, Shay!

I took my daughters on a bike trip through Ireland when they were 10 and almost 6. It was the best vacation ever! One of the highlights for me was seeing the Book of Kells in Trinity College. The pages I saw were amazing! (they open it to different pages every couple of weeks.) If you ever get a chance, you should visit there!

Heart's Desire Beading Company said...

Oooooo! I love this dragonfly, such beautiful work! Thank you for sharing!


pippijewelry said...

Thank you Debra,

I am really pleased with how it turned out, too. I may have to make another one, but I have several other projects in the works, so it may be a while.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Wow, you have been a busy lady!. The dragonfly is gorgeous, of course. And I wish I could be at the festival this summer...it would be great to see your work in person and meet you.

I REALLY like the book as the backdrop to this dragonfly. How appropriate with the title of it too!