17 February 2009

From bits of wire and rock come...

...New seahorses and other pretties!

I am always on the lookout for the most exquisite gemstones to use in my creations! Recently, I bought a few things from a new source in Canada. She always has a stunning selection of stones in her shop, especially watermelon tourmalines, which I love! I bought a few briolettes of the watermelon tourmalines (thinking seahorse dorsal fins), then added some dark green tourmaline briolettes, rainbow moonstone briolettes, and exquisite, tiny faceted rondels of green tourmaline and tanzanite. They arrived here on my birthday. I also ordered some super tiny, faceted, silver beads from my source in Thailand, and some cool scalloped coins to make into earrings.

I made a seahorse out of the tanzanite and moonstone beads. The color of tanzanite has always been a favorite of mine, and the flash of blue in the moonstone briolette sets off the purpley-blue of the tanzanite nicely! Then I made a pair of watermelon tourmaline seahorse earrings next.

One of the sets of coins I bought was from Malta, and feature a honeycomb with a bee on it on the front of the coin. I went with this theme for the rest of the earrings, and added big briolettes of honey-colored amber, with coiled wire caps that look like old-fashioned beehives, and sparkling briolettes of yellow sapphire to finish them off. They are bold earrings, measuring 2-5/8 inches in length, but are feather light (only 7.7 grams for the pair!)

I made up several variations on a tribal-style hoop design I have been refining for a few months. The original inspiration was a cool, old pair of gauged hoops from Indonesia, which I found on one of my favorite bellydance sites. The first of these recent tries features Swiss blue topaz briolettes, and for the second pair I used some of the moonstone briolettes I just bought. Both turned out quite nicely.

I am currently working on a pair of earrings using the gorgeous, dark green tourmaline briolettes, then I plan on making one more seahorse with green tourmalines. I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for stopping in!


Shay said...

Oooohh what nice new stones! I've only recently begun my affair with high quality precious gems and it's already got me into soooo much trouble. I'm a big fan of tanzanite as well as watermelon tourmaline so you know I'm loving your latest sea horses!

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Really nice! I especially like the earrings you've done at the bottom of this post.