24 February 2009

An Abundant Week...

Right after I posted my last post, I dove into those beads, and made up a bunch of new stuff! On Tuesday, I made a pair of earrings and a seahorse out of the last of those gorgeous green tourmalines. The seahorse looks so beautiful with the light behind it! The green tourmalines positively glow! I wore the earrings over to some friends' house for dinner the next day, and my friend bought them right out of my ears! Luckily I took pictures of them earlier that day! The earrings were a variation on a design I had made before, and I used the last of my scapolite trilliant briolettes for the tops of them. They set off the deep green of the tourmaline briolettes beautifully!

I was so inspired with how they turned out, that I spent much of Thursday playing with more variations. I stopped in at The Bead Shop in Hailey, on my way home from the post office, and they had these cubic zirconia briolettes that I couldn't pass up! I made 3 different CZ earring pairs in two days, then switched back to natural gemstones over the weekend to make up two more pairs of earrings. I still managed to go skiing both Saturday and Sunday! And, I finally mastered the telemark turn! :D

Then yesterday, The package I'd been waiting for arrived! I had glass artist, Kerri Fuhr make a custom bead for me. She had some really cool raven beads in her Etsy shop, and I asked her if she could make a magpie one for me. I love how funny and smart magpies are! There are a lot of them where I live, and they visit my back yard often. I sent her a picture of a pose I liked, and had her put a berry in its mouth, like in one of her raven beads, and she did the rest! As soon as I opened the package, I started working on a bale for the bead, so I could wear it! I wanted to incorporate my wire work, but not detract from the bead itself. I am quite pleased with the results, and have been wearing it all day, and admiring it! I hope you enjoy looking at it too!

If you have a chance, check out Kerri's Etsy shop. She just added the most gorgeous swan bead!

Wishing you all an abundance of good things!


Shay said...

WOW! All that jewelry making and skiing as well! You are a machine!
All your work warrants comments but for now I'll say I just love it all:) The wire work you did on Kerri's beautiful bead is awesome! You're going to have to occasionally walk around holding it outward so that people can see it from the top!

pippijewelry said...

When I am wearing it, I look right down on the wirework. :D

K S Jewellery Designs said...

I love all the earrings and how you have added the little silver beads - it makes them look so delicate and pretty.
Kristin ☺

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

That's great! Love the earrings; course it's all beautiful. Ever done any tutorials for your earrings?

pippijewelry said...

I am working on a tutorial right now. I will post here on my blog when it is done.
Thanks for looking!

craftychick1221 said...

Thank You for finding and joining my blog. Your jewlery work is exquisite! It puts my forays into jewelery craft to shame! I will definitely be checking back here often. I thought I would tell you about my other little blog project that I have begun. It is not as far along as Crafty's Cup...but then again that one is new also. I am also an artist, and my Art Blog is Crafty Chick Creations, at http://craftychickcreationsblog.blogspot.com/ I would love for you to check it out sometime. I have no readers yet. I would love to do an artist spotlight on you (when I have more readers, that is!), with a link back to your blog ad ETSY shop. If you would be willing. I am trying to get my work on ETSY also. I just don't have a credit card yet. (I know, pathetic in this day and age!)I ca't wait to read more of your blog and seemore of your fascinating work! Thanks again for joining.


Swati Nigam said...

Love these earrings!!