23 January 2009

Pippi's Fairy Crown - Part 2 the work in progress

The end of 2008 became kind of busy, and I didn't get to do any work on my crown until a week or so ago. Since then, I have been working on it a little bit every day, and it has come along nicely! We had some friends over on New Year's Eve, and when I showed the crown to my friend Nicole, she was amazed and told me she imagined herself running through the woods in a flowing gown with the crown on. She also had the really great idea to rent it out for weddings, which I will be looking into once it is finished.

I have been trying to remember to take pictures as I work on it. So often, when I work on a piece, I forget all the steps I took in making it, and I wanted to keep track with this special project. So here are some recent pictures of the crown as the work on it progresses.

16 January 2009 - wiring on the supports.

16 January 2009 - have the support pieces wired into place, and temporarily wired on akoya pearls to see how it will look.

17 January - I have started wiring the beads onto the frame. This picture was taken after another 8 feet of wire and 4 more hours of wrapping. At this rate, I have at least 30 more hours to go before it is done.

20 - 21 January 2009 - finished the first point and wired the second lower pearl on. This crown reminds me of the winters here in Idaho. The frosty white of the pearls reminds me of the winter snow, and the sparkling blue of the faceted labradorite beads makes me think of the bright blue winter skies, and the color of the shadows cast by the trees on the snow.

23 January, 2009 - Wiring more of the beads onto the frame. This is my favorite place in the house to work. I especially like it when the sun is shining through the window on me as I work. That is one of the things I love about wire wrapping, I can easily take it with me, and can work in small spaces. Whenever I go on a car trip, I always bring my wire and tools with me to pass the time in the car.

So, that's what I have up to now. I'll post more later as the work continues.

Thanks for taking a look.
'Til next time!


K S Jewellery Designs said...

Wow! Pippi this crown is amazing. Have you made it for someone in particular to wear to a wedding or something? You are very patient and very talented.

I have also been in awe of your beautiful snow pictures - I can only dream of snow like that as in England we rarely get snow and if we do, it only lasts about a day before it turns into mucky sludge.


pippijewelry said...

Actually, I am just making it for myself, as I have always wanted one! :D I will probably rent it out for weddings here in the valley, though.

The valley I live in is over a mile above sea level, with mountains rising several thousand feet on either side of the valley floor. In the winters, we get snow! I love it! I play in it for hours at a time!

Thanks so much for stopping to look!