27 January 2009

Local Spotlight - The Loft in Hailey, ID

I usually sell my work through private trunk shows and online, but since I have made the shift to making and promoting my jewelry full time, I decided to find a local shop to carry some of my work, too. The Loft is the only store here in the valley where you can buy my work.

The Loft, in Hailey, is an interesting and beautiful mix of yarn store and art gallery. The owner, Alissa McGonigal, grew up in northern Idaho, and has lived here in Hailey with her husband and 3 children for 8 years. In addition to supporting local artists through her store, Alissa enjoys the many opportunities for playing outdoors here in Idaho, skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. She also loves reading, knitting, and baking. She is a teacher by trade, but fell into the business of running her store/gallery by chance. She started the outdoor Artists' Market in Hailey a few years ago, and met many local artists, looking for a venue to sell their work. Alissa is an avid knitter, and always wanted her own little yarn shop. She decided to marry the two ideas together and came up with a local artists gallery with yarn. She says, "I am surrounded by beautiful work which in turn inspires people to be creative themselves. I am also a business woman by heart. I really like to run my own show."

Through her business, Alissa hopes to promote awareness of our talented, local artists, and help foster a community appreciation for art. Her store offers a place for her to share her knowledge of knitting and passion for the arts, and helps bring monetary success to her fellow artists. She also adds a fun, eclectic shop to downtown Hailey! She says, "I see the Loft getting better and better with each passing year. Years from now, I still see myself supporting artists in any capacity I can think of. Hopefully, I will find more time to create more fiber art of my own."

Alissa is planning a website for The Loft soon. In the meantime, readers can reach her by emailing: theloft202@gmail.com
If you are visiting Sun Valley for summer or winter fun, be sure to stop in! Her store is located at 202 N. Main Street in downtown Hailey, right next to the Sun Valley Brewery. The phone number is (208) 788-5144.


Bev's Jewelry / www.bevsjewelry.1000markets.com said...

What a beautiful shop. It is nice to have such a place for artists to be able to sell their items.

pippijewelry said...

Alissa is SUPER nice, too! :D

Anonymous said...
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Giovanna Garcia said...

Alissa's shop looks like the type of shop I would go shop at whenever I travel. I enjoy shopping at places that offer local artist's work.

By the way, I like your work very much. Your style is fresh and cool :-)

Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action is better than No Acton

Orion Designs said...

Looks like a great store to carry your work. Best of luck with it!