12 January 2009

Expedition Inspiration

I have so many things to be thankful for in my life - my wonderful husband, my two beautiful daughters, good health, an amazing place to live, work that I love and that fulfills my creative needs, the ability to create beauty out of bits of stone and wire. With all these gifts in my life, I feel a strong need to give back to the world, and my favorite way is by donating my work to help raise funds for worthwhile causes. There are a couple of local organizations that I particularly like to support, and I just finished up a special necklace this past weekend for an upcoming fund raising event for one of them.

Expedition Inspiration is an organization which raises awareness and monies to benefit breast cancer research through research project funding, public education, and patient support. Additionally, through organized and sponsored outdoor endeavors, Expedition Inspiration promotes the physical and mental well being of breast cancer survivors. Last year was the first year I donated jewelry for the silent auction at their annual Twilight Snowshoe Celebration. The Event will take place this year on February 14th at the elegant Elkhorn Springs Restaurant in Sun Valley. Funds raised during these events are used to support promising young researchers in the field of breast cancer and also help fund the 13th Annual Laura Evans Memorial Breast Cancer Symposium to be held in Sun Valley late February entitled, “Using Bioinformatics to Transform Breast Cancer”.

Last year, I didn't find out about the event until the last minute, and so donated jewelry
I had already made, but this year, I decided to make a special piece just for the event. Expedition Inspiration has a really lovely logo, that I reproduced in wire as the centerpiece of a necklace. Just the centerpiece alone took over 15 feet of wire and a solid 8 hours for me to complete. The necklace has over 35 feet total of sterling and fine silver wire, and took 15 hours of work to finish. Definitely a labor of love! And I love that my jewelry can make a difference in the lives of so many others!

To find out more about Expedition Inspiration and their work, check out their website here:

The best to all of you!


Bev's Jewelry said...

What a beautiful necklace. It really should bring lots of money. It is satisfying to be able to do things like that. Win - win!

pippijewelry said...

Thanks, Bev,

It is so satisfying to be able to help out such a worthy cause, too! (I donated it in memory of my father, who died of lung cancer.) The retail value of the necklace is close to $500. I hope it brings in even more than that.