19 January 2009

Carlos' Birthday Strudel

Today is my husband Carlos' 40th birthday. Instead of making him a cake, I made apple strudel for him, and I took pictures as I worked so I could share the process with all of you.

Both Carlos and I have fond memories of strudel from our childhoods. My mother's parents were from Croatia, and she learned to make it from her mother. I also used to help my mother make strudel when I was a young girl, and I loved it when she made it! We would have strudel for dinner, and eat it until we were ready to burst, then come back to the kitchen in a few hours to eat more! Carlos' mother, who was born in Hungary and grew up in Germany, made strudel when he was growing up, and it was a favorite of his.

Here, I am rolling out and stretching the dough. The dough should be thin enough that you can see through it. My kitchen table is just wide enough that if I roll/stretch the dough out to the side edges, it will just fit in my baking dish after it is rolled.

After the dough is thin enough, I pour melted butter on it and spread it over the whole of the dough before adding the filling.

After I add the sliced apples, I sprinkle it with cinnamon/sugar, fold the edges in, and then it is ready to roll. I roll the dough out on a table cloth, so when it comes time to roll it, I use the cloth to roll it, so it doesn't tear or break as I go.

Then it is into the oven for 35-45 minutes (until it is golden brown), then comes the best part, Eating it! Which I am going to do as soon as I'm done here!

Thanks for joining me!

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KT Vestitures said...

YUM Pippi.... that Strudel looks YUMMO! I am now craving for some! LOL
Is it hard to make? I have never tried making it before.

Nice Jewellery you have made also, I have been enjoying myself looking at all the items that you have made :D

Have a lovely day,