19 November 2008

Pippi's Fairy Crown - Part 1 The Beginning

I have been wanting a crown ever since I was a little girl. But not a cheap plastic or base metal one, a REAL one. I knew that(since I'm not a real princess) one day I would have to make one for myself. I'm not sure what prompted me to start, but soon I was pouring through Google images looking for ideas (wire crown, ancient crown, fairy crown, English, French, Danish, Swedish, German...). I was surprised at how few really nice wire crowns are out there! You would think with all the women making wire jewelry, surely one or two would have made one by now! (If they did, I couldn't find pictures online.) I did find one woman who has made some beautiful ones, but not the full on crown like I want, so I sat with a pencil and paper for a few hours drawing different designs until I came up with a shape I liked.

About three hours into it now. I have the base and the points wired together, and I have more of the coiling holding the points together, and the support pieces cut and bent, ready to wire into place. Now that I can physically see this much, it helps me to be able to see the rest in my head a little better (I'm making this up as I go along). I sat last night and watched a program with my husband, with my crown (what I have so far) sitting on top of my head. It feels quite nice! I have a lot of coiling to do on it yet, and lots of jewels to add (I think I will put pearls on the top of each point), but I can tell already, it will be great! I will post updates from time to time with pictures of it in progress, so check back later!

Thanks for stopping in!


LaVern David Thompson said...

Good day
Nice work, great creativity, are you selling anywhere? I am sending simple emails to shops that seems to work ok. If you are interested you can usually get gallery info using google maps. Let me know if you have questions.

LaVern David Thompson

Maz Simpson said...

What a lovely idea! I love how it's coming along - look forward to seeing the finished result!
Maz :)

Monica said...

Great idea!