22 November 2008

My Seahorses

When I was a little girl, my oldest sister bought a "Live Seahorse Family!" from an ad in the back of a comic book. Since this was in the 1970's, the seahorses were most certainly wild caught. (Wild caught seahorses usually die within weeks because they are cut off from their natural food supply; they usually starve to death.) All but two were dead when my sister got them, and the rest died within days. She dried them out and kept them, and I secretly wanted them myself, though I was sad at their death. I dreamed of wearing seahorses for jewelry!

Last year, I made a pair of earrings that everyone told me reminded them of seahorses, and I thought, "Hmmm...Seahorses!" I should make jeweled seahorses! I poured through hundreds of pictures to make sure I had the shape right before I began. The design is my own original from sketches I did. Each of my larger seahorses have 10-12 feet of wire in them and hundreds of tiny beads. I use Sterling silver for the frames and fine silver for the wrapping. The tiny silver beads are fair-trade Thai silver, and I hand pick the gemstone beads and briolettes for the dorsal fin and belly. Since the plight of my sister's seahorses has always stayed with me, I donate 10% of the selling price of all of my seahorses to organizations working to protect and conserve these lovely creatures. Now, I have my own jeweled seahorse, and help the living ones stay living. Nice! :D



HEBA said...

The Jewelry , are so so so beautiful, I wish there is a way I can get some. creative

I love it

Triz Designs said...

i love sea horses!!! and these are gorgeous!!!!

livesea said...

Being lucky enough to see a seahorse in the wild is getting more and more difficult. Wear a seahorse jewelry charm instead of buying a live one for a pet. Project Seahorse is attempting to set up preserves and educate sea-horse fishers into farming them instead of fishing for the few seahorse left in the wild. Save the seahorses! http://www.liveseahorses.net