13 October 2008

Tibetan Coin Earrings for a Cause

I found these old Tibetan coins, and was drawn to their interesting shape and the designs stamped in them, thinking they would make a neat pair of earrings. I used turquoise and coral with the coins, these being popular stones in Tibetan jewelry, and wrapped them with sterling silver wire. I didn't want to cash in on the Tibetan culture by using their media popularity to sell my work, though, and came up with this solution. I am donating half of the proceeds to the Tibetan Healing Fund (the other half covers materials). They have a childrens fund, which helps supply books written in the Tibetan language, school improvements and health and maternal wellness care for rural Tibetans.


If you are interested in these earrings, you can find them on my Etsy shop. Just click on the link at the bottom of this page. Thanks for stopping by! ~Pippi

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Monica said...

I love these! I am very interested in everything Tibet and have wanted to convey that in my jewelry. Like you, I did not want it to seem as though I was using their media spotlight to make money. What a wonderful idea to donate some to their fund. Fabulous! I just read an autobiography by Palden Gyatso and found it to be an incredible read.