12 October 2008

The Power of Two

I bought a couple of 1918 2 Annas coins from India on ebay, with the thought of making them into jewelry. I was looking through the pictures in my book of Croatian national jewelry, noticing how turning coins into jewelry has been a common idea in many ancient cultures through to modern times. I have always had a fascination with coins from other countries. I love the different shapes and the history behind the coins. These coins bear the image of King George V of England, Emperor of India on the reverse side. I chose to highlight the twos, as they play such a common theme in my life. (My birthday is 2 February, and if you add up the numbers in the year I was born, they also add up to 2.)

I used tourmalines to make this TWO bracelet. There are 4 (2x2) chains of faceted tourmaline beads in blues, greens, and golden browns (with one or two watermelon tourmalines thrown in for good measure). Each chain is 8 (2x2x2) stones long. There are two coiled and beaded hearts linking the body of the bracelet to the clasp. Each heart is joined to the bracelet by two linked tourmalines. A 2.5 carat green tourmaline briolette hangs from the chain. I love the way this one turned out! It is by far the most comfortable bracelet I've made yet!

After finishing this bracelet, my husband and I went out to eat, and on the way home, the (almost) full moon rising over the snow-dusted hills was beautiful! I ran inside to get my camera, so I could snap this shot. Lovely! Thanks for visiting! ~Pippi

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