10 October 2008

Pears and Skulls

Today was our first snow of the season (just a dusting), and the days are going to be cold here from now until spring. I can hardly wait for ski season to start! I love the snow!

I went to bed the night before last after reading the weather report saying it was going to get down to the low 20's (F), and just as I was almost asleep, I realized that if it got that cold, all the pears still on my pear trees would be ruined! I hopped out of bed, pulled on my fluffy robe, and went out and shook the pear trees, collecting as much of the fruit as I could. I saved four big bowls plus two grocery bags full of pears, and I am now in the process of preserving them. I have the food dryer going, and I'm making pear pie today. I plan to can a bunch, too. Somehow, though, I will still find time to make some jewelry today, too! :D

I am so pleased with the way my Day of the Dead bracelet turned out yesterday! I took it with me to the bead store to show the owner what I'd done with the bead. She said she got more of these turquoise skull beads at the last gem show she went to, and will just sell them to me! I can hardly wait to start making more pieces with them!

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