14 October 2008

My coolest ring yet!

I have been making a lot of new pieces lately. I try to make at least one thing each day. I figure, this is my job, I should go to work every day. (I'm SO lucky!) Each piece I make seems to be more and more intricate. I have been trying out a new technique coiling rolo chain into my designs, and have been really pleased with what I can do with it.
I made the band for this ring last night, not sure where it was going, but really liking the look! I wanted to keep the clean lines, and needed a small, simple but striking, cabochon stone to set against the smooth part of the band. I bought this 2.1 carat black star sapphire a while ago, not knowing where it would be used, but it was too cool to pass up! Instead of the usual 6-pointed star that most star sapphires show, this one has a twelve-ray star! I set the stone in a coiled basket bezel, and continued the top of the bezel into two tightly coiled spirals along each side of the setting. There are 12 feet of fine silver wire coiled around the ring's sterling frame! I'm so pleased with the way it turned out! I oxidized the ring, then polished it to bring out the intricate wire work, and to give it the feel of an ancient treasure. The ring is a size 7-1/4.

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