19 October 2008

A day of rest?

I took a day off from making jewelry today to go on a mountain bike ride with my husband. We rode up Democrat Gulch, a canyon a couple of miles down the road from our house. There are tons of old mining roads that wind through the hills around here. Silver and lead mining brought the first major settlement to the valley, and though most of the mines are long since defunct, you can still find the remains scattered throughout the surrounding hills in the form of the old two-track roads, slag heaps dotting the hills, abandoned mine shaft, and the occasional old piece of equipment.

We stopped near the top of the road, to take in the view and snap a few pictures. The aspen tress are all turning glorious gold, and the cooler fall temps make the climbs a bit less sweaty. All in all, it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Thanks for stopping in!

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